Heather Hamilton is a multi-disciplinary artist originally from Toronto, Canada. She moved to NYC in 2005, left graphic and digital design behind and studied painting, drawing and printmaking. Her paintings are reactions to modern life and the conflicting dualities of self/other, male/female, always-connected/forever-alone, living-for-the-dying, never enough moments that overwhelm our anxiety riddled society. Each work starts as an incomplete concept and eventually through her layered painting she strives to create something that is both beautiful and revolting. Her motivation is to make people react; to create frankensteins that live within the viewer. Presenting the female as something beyond perfection is Hamilton’s vision of the future-female: a flawed, complicit, dynamic human that resists, submits, reacts, and eventually gets to live.

Hamilton is a member of Blue Scarf Collective, a feminist art and activist collective located in SOMA, NJ. www.bluescarfcollective.com

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